Imagine that it is a sunny Saturday morning, you are in your new apartment about to head off to the airport because you are about to travel across the world, you get a phone call from your boss telling you that when you come back you will be promoted, then you get another call from your friend telling you she cannot wait for you to come back, then you finish packing your bags and head out with your girlfriend who will also be traveling with you. Imagine that since the second you walk out of your new apartment door, you feel a rush of confidence, joy and excitement. You believe that everything is possible in life. You know that even when you come back you will be busy because you also have investment projects to take care of, as well as a new business you are in the process of starting. You know you are no longer a child, you are a successful entrepreneur who knows the secret to succeed in life. You are also excited because in a couple of months you will begin taking classes of a foreign language you have always wanted to take and you feel great because you are in the best shape you have ever been. All that time in the gym has paid off, you feel attractive and value yourself and your time, people want to get into your life and your adventurous way of living, and if they are lucky you will welcome them. You are on your way to the airport driving the car of your dreams, with your girlfriend by your side and your parents on speaker, wishing you a good trip. Then you get a call from your friends telling you they will meet you at the airport since you will all be travelling and sharing this wonderful experience together. You are so excited because you love airports! You love browsing and even buying things you do not need at the Duty Free, and most importantly you enjoy flying, and this time you will be flying first class. You are so excited because in two days you will go trekking inside a forest and in six days you will be Skydiving for the first time ever. Your lifestyle is not the same it was 10 years ago, you are a completely changed person. You bought a new camera just for this trip, so you will record your adventure to share it with your followers. You listen to some nice upbeat music and you are so excited because you will be giving a speech soon about your recently published book. You have your Ray Bans on, they suit you well, you have a unique personality and you cannot believe how much your life has changed over the years, you feel that rush again and you feel so grateful, but you do not want to stop there, because now that you know the secret to living well, you want to exploit every single aspect of your life. You are lucky, people who know you are lucky for knowing you, and this is just the beginning of a never ending bucket list journey to the best life you can ever have. You just wish you have started sooner!

I would like to welcome you to my personal life project called The Great Growth, talking about personal growth of course. The purpose of this project and website is twofold. First it will help me become accountable towards my life improvement goals by sharing my progress with the world so that I can in time accomplish my ultimate visions. Second, I want to inspire and motivate people who run into this website to better themselves as well, regardless of which goals they have. Whether you are just trying to become more fit, or be more social, or start their own business or find a job, I hope this gets people fired up as to what we are truly capable of doing if we set our minds to it. The Great Growth means to grow to levels we did not think were possible, to use the Compound Effect (from Darren Hardy´s book) for our benefit so that in 365 days we are improved versions of ourselves, have new standards and are one step closer to achieving our ultimate goals.

I have developed a bucket list with over 100 items targeting each of these areas, and the purpose throughout my life time will be to accomplish those items/goals and become the best version of me by doing so. To become the man I describe in the “Ultimate Visions” tab.

The bucket list items have 3 months, 9 months, 3 years, 10 years and 20 year deadlines, meaning I have to accomplish the goals stated by those dates. Think of this project as a game, only that here the stakes are higher because you are not going to be playing for money, but for the best life you could ever have. We must understand how important it is to really commit ourselves to these life changing goals we might have. Just like going to the gym, we must create a habit in which we work on the different aspects of our lives on a daily basis, otherwise we are going to end up giving up, and settling. We have to want to change our lives so bad each day, that failing is not an option. It is impossible for me to fail. It is just not an option, because I will not go back to the boring life I used to have. I will make this project the most important thing for me and will make it my driving force to get up each morning with a purpose. I did not really enjoy the last job I was in, but what I learned from it was that, hard work and time committed does eventually bring rewards (the pay was good). It is that simple. Work hard, gain hard, and that applies to everything in life. Once again, I have to stress out that MOTIVATION is everything, because plans without action are useless. The motor of The Amazing Life Project is to wake up every day KNOWING that you NEED TO CHANGE. Knowing that you are a part of a life changing project in process. You have to want to change and improve so bad, every day, until eventually you start to change, and you keep on going not because you hate your life, but because you know it works. You know planning and executing works perfect. It is that simple, just start doing it. We must love ourselves before we love anyone else. I am excited to work on this project, I see it as an experiment and I invite others to work on their lives as well. It does not have to be necessarily a bucket list but anything that adds value to your lives. Feel free to write to me, or comment on my posts, or contact me however you can if you want to talk about the project or if you want to talk about your own journeys. Also feel free to share this website so more people get involved in this whole feel-good live-good community.


I will divide each year into 4 stages, each containing 12 weeks (84 days). Since 84 days times 4 is not 365, there will be idle days in which I take a break from the project, to re-assess- analyze, make changes and then comeback to the next 12 weeks. Since there are about 188 days left in 2017, I will have two 12 week periods for 2017, and then one last 20 day period (instead of 12 weeks) to finish off the year until December 31st 2017. This idea was inspired by the 12 week year book. I will have goals with a 12 week deadline for each stage, these goals are based on long term goals (my ultimate visions, also the items on the bucket list). I believe that having 12 week goals instead of yearly goals (or even 100 days as I originally planned) creates a sense of urgency, and encourage us to begin working right away. I will also have weekly goals based on those 12 week goals, to be productive every week and will track these weekly progress with an Excel Sheet I created.

You may have noticed I have a bucket list tab on the front page. I have a bucket list (inspired by Annette from with small and big goals/things I want to accomplish throughout my life. These goals range from small to big goals, things such as to learn how to make brownies, to going skydiving in Dubai, from winning a tennis tournament, to starting my own business, from learning how to solve a Rubik´s cube to moving into my own apartment, from learning to play an instrument to achieving financial freedom, etc. Also, some of these goals are more likely to be met in the short term (learn how to make brownies) while others might take me more time and resources (go skydiving, which requires confidence, and people to go with). Keep in mind that the purpose of this bucket list is to make life more exciting and to work towards something meaningful, however the core of the project is still to achieve those big ultimate visions which will be met by accomplishing each of the goals set for the 12 week periods.

If you want to have an idea of what I will be doing day after day (the action plan), click here.


You may be wondering about what type of content I will be writing on this blog. First, I will write a post either on a Saturday or Sunday sharing my weekly progress towards the 12 week goals. This is the template I will be using:

– Overall Success Score (OSS) for the week
This will be taken directly from my Weekly Tracker in Excel, and it will range from 0-100%. It is based on how many weekly tasks I completed from my list.
– Success List: list of all individual achievements for the week that were not required in the weekly tasks. The extra mile.
– Strengths and Weaknesses, if any worth mentioning.
– Future actions: what will you repeat, and what will you do different the upcoming week. Also, only if something is worth mentioning.

Second, I will write a post at least once every 2 weeks talking about subjects related directly to my project and my goals. This could range from financial planning for moving out of your parents house, to social skills recommended to make friends. From job hunting tips, to advise on how to make weight loss easier, and so on.

Also, I will shoot a video blog and post it here every 2 weeks (at least, could be weekly) to help connect better with my viewers and also work on my on-camera skills and communication skills in general. Finally, I will be reading books (e-books purchased from Amazon Kindle mainly) but will not set deadlines for books read. I will read multiple books at a time and look solely for practical knowledge, things or advise that I can apply to my life on a daily basis, experiment with it and get back to my readers explaining what worked and what did not so they can try it for themselves.

This is it for now. Before you continue reading, I will have you know that I am not perfect and that I have tried starting and following through with a version of this project in the past, and failed. I am coming back strong now. If you wish to learn more about my latest attempt with this project (which took place at the beginning of this year, click here).

The official start date for the project is Monday 26th June 2017. I will make everything possible to keep this level of excitement throughout the entire project. Motivation is important but daily action is the key to this project´s success. When I came out with the idea for this project, the first thing that came to mind was ADVENTURES, so although I will be working hard towards my goals the real end goal is to make life more fun and pleasurable so that I can create a life I can truly enjoy and feel excited about. To get an idea about what I am talking about, I once again encourage you to visit my Bucket List tab. I hope everyone who reads this will feel identified, will feel motivated, and stay in touch so that collectively we can all move forward in the journey of achieving The Great Growth.

Andrew I.


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