I would like to welcome you to my personal life project called The Great Growth, talking about personal growth of course. The purpose of this project and website is twofold. First it will help me become accountable towards my life improvement goals by sharing my progress with the world so if I fall back it will be reflected to the public. Second, I want to inspire and motivate people who run into this website to better themselves as well, regardless of which goals they have. Whether you are just trying to become more fit, or be more social, or start their own business or find a job, I hope this gets people fired up as to what we are truly capable of doing if we set our minds to it. The Great Growth means to grow to levels we did not think were possible, to use the Compound Effect (from Darren Hardy´s book) for our benefit so that in 365 days we are improved versions of ourselves, have new standards and are one step closer to achieving our ultimate goals.

Just imagine spending years and years of our lives working on ourselves and on what I call the Growth Habit. The Growth Habit means developing a hunger for constant growth on a daily basis. I believe that once you begin achieving goals, say you get the job, you get the girl or guy, you get the independence and you experience the rewards from your hard work and in time you just want to keep on going because you are not the same person you were years ago, you have new standards now, you are on autopilot and it is easier for you to keep on growing than it is to stop, you have a completely new comfort zone now and slowing down just does not feel right anymore, however this level of mastery takes years and years of experience. Just like you can learn to be the best at your job, you can learn to master the personal growth and Growth Habit so that you can be great at achieving what you set your mind to. It is all about getting started and holding on to MOMENTUM. Usually the process is slow, you start by making life-long friends during college, then getting a job out of college, then finding time to get in shape while joggling the other two (social and career life), and then finding balance while making the stuff that makes you happy (i.e traveling). If you have missed this opportunity, you can still catch the train but it will take time and you will need to start by developing good daily habits today.

Just think about it, if we were to engage in great daily habits starting now, and kept this up for 365 days (I cannot stress reading The Compound Effect enough), a year from now, do you think we would be the same person we were before? If we were to truly stick to working on the good stuff on a daily basis (even if our progress is not perfect and we have off days), a year from now, because of the compound effect and momentum, we would be completely different individuals, even if we don´t notice the difference right away, good decisions and time act together and we change into the best version of ourselves and grow as persons in a greatly way, or in other words, we achieve (pun intended) The Great Growth.

FORMAT OF PROJECT: How will progress be measured

I have developed a bucket list (with deadlines) with over 100 items targeting each area of my life, and the purpose throughout my life time will be to accomplish those items/goals and become the best version of myself by doing so. To become the man I describe in the “Ultimate Visions” tab. I believe this bucket list will not only help me stay focused and busy, it will also keep my excited about the upcoming things I can check off the list. To constantly add value to my life, to my skills, to my relationships, to everything and have perpetual personal growth. Basically, I want to be the happiest I can be, as well as my readers. I know my progress will not be perfect, but I want to point out that it is not about the end goals, it is about the journey, the journey that life is. It is about being excited for by bucket list, for my project, for my life. I am done putting happiness on a pedestal and am now looking to implement good daily habits to live a better life overall.

This is what I am testing now, having a bucket list as my main guide for the project. HAVING SAID THIS, I must point out that there are 3 areas in my life which are top priority and must be first when deciding what tasks to work on a weekly basis. These are the Health and Fitness, Career and social areas (the first 2 being more important starting out). What I mean with this is that progress on these 3 areas must be achieved week after week, not a week (maybe even a day) can go by without one of these 3 being targeted and worked on. If I do not meet an item of my list by the deadline, I will move that item to the next deadline list and put it on top of it so it is clear.

I will make this project the most important thing for me and will make it my driving force to get up each morning with a purpose. This is the meaning of my life, to live an adventurous life filled with challenges and improvement, and be the best I can be in every area of my life. Work hard, gain hard, and that applies to everything in life. Once again, I have to stress out that FOCUS is everything, because plans without action are useless. We might not feel motivated everyday, but as long as we do not lose FOCUS of what to do and WHY we are doing it, we are on the right track. The motor of The Great Growth is to wake up every day KNOWING that you are in a journey, everyday counts. Knowing that you are a part of a life changing project in process. You have to want to change and improve so bad, every day, until eventually you start to change, and you keep on going not because you hate your life, but because you know it can get better.

If you want to have an idea of what I will be doing day after day (the action plan), click here.

So, to summarize, the ultimate goal of this life project can be divided into 3 things:

1-Achieve my Ultimate Visions and keep improving from there (5-10 years approx.)

2-Achieve all of my bucket list goals (a life long journey)

3-Develop the Growth Habit to continue to grow and improve throughout my life time (starting with the physical and career goals)

FORMAT OF CONTENT: What will I write on this website

You may be wondering about what type of content I will be writing on this blog. First, I will publish a post either on a Saturday or Sunday sharing my weekly progress towards the bucket list items. Just a friendly weekly review of what is going on, what went right, what went wrong, and how I will improve next week. Here is the overall structure of the Weekly Review:

– Overall Success Score (OSS) for the week. Very simple, it will have 3 categories: Very Productive, Productive, Not Productive.
– Success List: list of all individual achievements for the week. All tasks completed or started and made progress on that are worth mentioning.
– Strengths and Weaknesses, if any worth mentioning.
– Future actions: what will you repeat, and what will you do different the upcoming week. Also, only if something is worth mentioning.
– Anything else that is worth telling or interesting.

Second, I will write a post at least once every 2 weeks talking about subjects related directly to my project and my goals. This could range from financial planning for moving out of your parents house, to social skills recommended to make friends. From job hunting tips, to advise on how to make weight loss easier, and so on.

Also, I will shoot a video blog and post it here every 2 weeks (at least, could be weekly) to help connect better with my viewers and also work on my on-camera skills and communication skills in general. Finally, I will be reading books (e-books purchased from Amazon Kindle mainly) but will not set deadlines for books read. I will read multiple books at a time and look solely for practical knowledge, things or advise that I can apply to my life on a daily basis, experiment with it and get back to my readers explaining what worked and what did not so they can try it for themselves.

I must point out that I am not expecting my progress to be perfect. I know I will have good days and bad days, the important thing is moving forward and not quitting. To see what I did wrong and keep on going. That is why I do not want to focus on perfection but simply on the growth habit, on continuing to work towards my goals on a daily basis. Not a single day goes to waste, as long as I do ONE thing that gets me closer to my ultimate goals, then the day is not a waste. Focus on the Growth Habit, not on perfection. As long as you keep adding to your life and you keep moving forward, there is no way you can lose.

The official start date for the project is Monday 18th September 2017. I will make everything possible to keep this level of excitement throughout the entire project. Motivation is important but daily action is the key to this project´s success. When I came out with the idea for this project, the first thing that came to mind was ADVENTURES, so although I will be working hard towards my goals the real end goal is to make life more fun and pleasurable so that I can create a life I can truly enjoy and feel excited about. To get an idea about what I am talking about, I once again encourage you to visit my Bucket List tab. I hope everyone who reads this will feel identified, will feel motivated, and stay in touch so that collectively we can all move forward in the journey of achieving The Great Growth.

Andrew I.


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