Weekly Review #8: Mar 20th – Mar 26th 2017

I have a confession to make. This past week was a total disaster. I binged, barely worked out, did not read anything of my monthly book, did not write a post (only half of it), did not implement or read about any social skills or stayed updated with the news, I did not promote my website, did not feel motivated nor ambitious and more.

I am not sure what happened. I lost sight of track and did not care at all about progress this week. I spent way too much time on the internet, watching tennis and other sorts of videos, as well as TV. As if all of this 2 months of The Great Growth did not matter. Still I will not let this phase me, I am restarting this project today Monday 27th March and will be focusing primarily on 3 main goals: physical, social and professional. Anything else is extra. I will also follow my financial plan and keep my income and expenses tracked as well as plan for the future for independence purposes. Still those 3 core areas will have top priority.

I will be making some changes to this project yet again:

1- I will stop doing cardio everyday. I am feeling too sore on Monday mornings. On weight lifting days I will not do any cardio. On rest days I will play tennis or some other cardio and do abs in the afternoon. HOWEVER, the next 34 days I will be playing in two tennis tournaments over the weekends so my tennis classes will be moved to Tuesday and Thursdays (instead of Tuesdays and Saturdays which was the normal thing). I will do abs in the afternoon of Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday.

2- For the nutritional plan, I will follow what I have set on my Excel sheet, basically eat 1800 calories for 6 days, and have one refeed day. I will have a light breakfast no more than 200 calories after 10 AM, then lunch at around 2PM, then a decent snack at around 5-6PM, and then the remaining calories (500-600) for my dinner after 8PM. The hard part will be resisting to eat in between meal times. Right now I have shifted from my minimalist approach to a more aggressive approach. I really want to take advantage of the upcoming tennis month since tennis is one of the best cardio workouts I have, it is easy to do since it is fun, and I will be playing tennis at least 4-5 times every week until April 31st.

3- From now on the 100 day challenges will be centered around the new 3 main core areas: physical, social and professional. I might work on other things (i.e write a book, write essays on subjects) BUT these 3 will take upper priority over all things and will be my focus of everyday. Even if this means stop promoting my website and writing uninspired posts to work on the core 3 goals, for example.

4- I will no longer be forced to write a post per week. I will only write the weekly review. I will only write and publish a post when I am feeling truly inspired and passionate about a subject. This could happen once per week, once every 2 weeks, or twice per week, depends on when inspiration strikes.

5- I will still make videos (maybe every week) to continue practicing my on-camera skills

6- I will continue to have a FOCUSED+SERIOUS+ON A MISSION mentality and face expression

7- Since I will not do cardio on weight lifting days, and on tennis days I play at around 10AM instead of early in the morning, my morning ritual will change. I will do this ASAP and inform my readers what the new morning ritual is on the next weekly review.

8- This is a big one. I will get rid of my weekly goals. I will keep the success list and the OSS list on the weekly review. I would rather shift from feeling that I must do things every week to wanting to be more successful every week. Obviously the bigger the list the better. I will experiment with this.

9- I am currently reading a book per month (What color is your parachute), was supposed to finish this month´s book on April 1st but will leave it at halt, and start fresh on April 1st, due date 1st of May.

I would not make these changes unless I really feel they were necessary. I am lacking behind on my social and career related goals, and on top of that the past week was not a good one. I honestly believe that these changes will help me out a lot and continue to be consistent with this life project, which I think is the most important goal.

Even though I will no longer set weekly goals, I will still try to be as productive as I can. I am still looking forward to implementing social skills with strangers, to write a post if I am feeling inspired and passionate about it, if I can promote my website that would be great but not mandatory, read this monthly book (even though I should be starting on April 1st) to get a head start, stay update with the news and so on, because I want to, not because I have to.

These are the things that I am excited about this week.

1- Appointment on UK embassy in Peru for a visa. If everything goes according to plan I should be traveling to Europe on the last days of May.
2- You have two tennis tournaments starting on Saturday April 1st ! I might be playing twice per day, which is getting me pumped up.
3- The tennis tournament organizers held an online raffle of the participants names to see who plays against who. This is livestreamed so I can actually see my name being pulled out of a mini pool and I can find out live who I will be playing against. This will take place on Wednesday night.
4- You also have two tennis classes on Tuesday (tomorrow) and Thursday.
5- Knowing you will no longer do cardio on weight lifting days is giving me a mental break. Cardio will be kept to tennis only and maybe one HIIT workout, and focus more on weight lifting and improving my tennis game.

It has been 2 months officially since I started the project, and I am looking forward to keep on going, and stronger. This is it for now, if I remember something else to add I will updated this in the near future. Have a nice week!

Andrew I.


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  • Trip to Paris, London, Scotland and Ireland – Late May 2017

  • Expanding my post-grad education, learning more and making connections!

  • Getting my 1st car, being more independent.

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