Weekly Review #6: Mar 6th – Mar 12th 2017

Overall Success (OSS) for the week: 3 (good)
1=poor 2=average 3=good 4=outstanding

Weekly goals:

1- Do morning ritual every day AND workout in the afternoon as well: Successful again. I had about 3-4 cardio workouts that I could only do 5 minutes, because I was too sore. It does not matter since that is the minimum requirement.

2- Implement one social skill with one complete stranger: Sort of achieved. I went to the mall on Wednesday and smiled at people walking by, as part of The Art of Charm challenge. I then stopped a couple of people to ask them questions like what time it was, where a certain store was located and so on, while smiling. I did not feel like I was applying a social skill on purpose (as planned), I was just smiling at them while asking them trivial questions. Still I opened up to people, which is a HUGE success for me, so I will give myself a completion for this week. Keep in mind this experiment was very hard, so I do not see myself doing it again, but I will ease into it. In fact anytime I do something outside my comfort zone, I will write it down and give myself some sort of prize by the end of the week.

3- Publish 2 posts and send weekly newsletter: Done. This week I was a bit depressed and unmotivated. I do not know exactly why, but It might be because I saw the picture of a classmate of mine who I went to college with here in Peru, and she is now successful at her job and is receiving awards and stuff, so I compared myself to her and felt a bit left behind and incapable. This caused me to feel down on Wednesday and Thursday and not work on the post until the weekend. Still I managed to complete the post over the weekend because I was inspired by the subject of the book I was reading called Peak.

4- Read the book called Peak, by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool (by March 11th): Done. It has been the best book I have read so far, although it is a tad repetitive and wordy. It talks about the correct way of learning skills, even life skills. The author talks about how we must step away from the traditional way of learning and get out of our comfort zones more while being creative to come up with solutions to problems, and learn practical skills that we can actually put to use and track progress on.

5- Implement 5 techniques to attract more traffic into your website: Not done. I found the other techniques (on the 30 tips list) to be hard to implement, at least now. It is an on going process (such as commenting on popular blogs while subtly promoting my website, and so on). I will begin to specify which blog-traffic techniques I will implement instead of speaking of them in general. This way I can guarantee that the tasks can be done realistically within a week period and I know exactly what to do.

6- Complete challenges #7 and #8 of the Art of Charm 30 day challenge: Done. Challenge #7 was the hardest by far. I had to smile to some random people on the street, which I did. I also engaged in small talk with a couple of them! It felt great, but I did not feel like I was using any social skills at all. I was simply smiling to them while asking them some basic questions like what time it was, or where a certain place was located. Still this is the most progress I have made so far in the social department. Challenge #8 was more simple, it had me choose my goal for relationships, and I chose to be able to have a positive impact on anyone who runs into me, whether we become friends or not, I want to being happiness to people, while also being happy myself.

7- Add an ABS workout, to be implemented 3 times per week starting next week: DONE. I even did it once this week. This is the same abs workout I have last year, which I used for a couple of months and got great results. I remember I used this back when I got to my lightest weight of 66 KG and abs were showing.

Success List:

1- I created a gmail account for The Great Growth, so that my readers have yet another way to contact me besides commenting on posts.
2- I included an abs workout to be done 2-3 times per week, on cardio days.
4- I started conversations with 15 people at the mall, which has been the hardest thing I have done so far, good job!
5- I talked myself out of depression this week, realized that momentum and focus are the two factors that truly matter. Momentum is to keep the process going and to not let one day or a couple of days kill you, and focus is never loosing sight of the ultimate goals, and why you want to achieve them.


Changes in weekly review:

I will no longer include a Strengths and Weaknesses section. I will find a way of squeezing a bit of this into the future actions section. This is to make the review shorter and use only what truly matters.

Changes in project:

1- I will stop reading one book every 10 days and will read 1 book per month instead. I have realized that out of the 5 books I have read so far, I am only beginning to implement one. The other 4 books I do not plan on using what I learn in them anytime soon. Reading is good but I think one should read for practical purposes. Also, even though this week I made progress in the social department, I still need to work a lot more on it, as well as on my career which is still untouched. By reading a book a month I will take some work load off from reading and have more time and energies to work on the social and professional goals, which need my most attention right now. I will also pick the books better, with practicality in mind. The book I will be reading now is What color is your parachute, the most important book I will have read in the past years because it will help me define my career path. I will begin reading the books on the 1st of every month, so I have some catching up to do with this month´s book (must get to about half of the book by Friday).

2- Another change I will be applying is to stop pretending I am super positive and optimistic and smiley around people. On one of the first posts I published on this website, I talked about how I would remain positive at all times, and how I would be so happy about life that I would pass this on to people around me and literally be a happiness and optimism radiator. I have come to realize this is not who I am. I actually LIKE being more reserved and mysterious, I do not like to force myself to smile every time I go out in public (I did this to look more approachable) even when I am feeling like CHIT on the inside. I also I feel like I am begging people to like me by pretending being someone I am not. If they want to talk to me they will, if not then it is their loss. This does not mean that I will turn into a Grinch and look angry all the time. This just means I will go from being all positive and optimistic about this project, to being more SERIOUS about it, even if this means getting angry at lack of results or life stress, and displaying this to the rest of people. This DOES NOT mean being rude to people, it means not hiding my emotions and being more serious, that is it.

I know this guy from the tennis tournaments I play at, who seems all serious and reserved (except when he is with his friends) and seems mysterious, still he has a very active social life. I believe by being more serious, bold and maybe a little bit angry about life and this project, I will be able to keep better focus of the goals and push myself harder when I need to, especially on the social and professional goals. What I mean with being more serious, is to lower down the positivity and smiling, and having serious times. Maybe to not be so friendly with people, but do not take it to the extreme of being angry and looking fierce as to scare people away. I do not want to look very smiley, I want to look like somebody who takes his life seriously, while dealing with stress and obstacles, BUT who can be a good friend once you get to know him, and if he decides you are worthy of having his friendship, AND who can still be positive and give you a good time without having to be all jumpy about it.

I remember back when I started college here in Peru, I had the same persona I had throughout my last years of high school, a reserved and mysterious guy, who may not be a socializing machine but when you get to know him you find him very appealing. I used my Ray Ban sunglasses, did not talk to anyone in the class unless they approached me, and this got me results back then. It was brought to my knowledge after about a year that multiple girls who I hanged out with actually had a crush on me at first, and I also made friends who I could hang out with and eat lunch in between classes on a daily basis. I was still that reserved guy, now slowly opening up to these people. The past few months I have been trying to use this new optimistic and happy persona, but I have noticed I can get the same results by just being my natural serious self. I embrace imperfection. My point is that, I AM a reserved, bit a shy guy when it comes to people, but I am also bold and serious about my life goals. So I will stop pretending I am a happy go lucky type of fellow, embrace my seriousness and show that I can still be friendly without looking like this guy. https://tinyurl.com/guwx5yr

3- I will also be adding a weekly video starting next week. This video will be a 2-5 minute video of myself talking about my weekly progress and anything I consider relevant. The purpose of this is to: step out of my comfort zone, get better at talking in front of the camera and talking in general, and connect better with my readers.

This is all for now, I will be making these main changes, hopefully I will dedicate more time to the social and professional goals while staying true to who I am. Regarding weight loss, progress has slowed a bit, still I am planning on using a minimalist approach for now, so I can dedicate most of my focus on the tasks described above.

Overall Success (OSS) for the week 1-4: 3 (good)
1=poor 2=average 3=good 4=outstanding

Here are next week´s goals:

1- Implement ONE social skill with one STRANGER
2- This week write 2 smaller posts, about trending topics (for blog traffic purposes) plus the weekly review, and send newsletter
3- Comment on ONE popular blog and promote your website subtly there
4- Complete challenges #9 and #10 of the Art of Charm 30 day challenge
5- Come up with 3 possible career choices (later on I will come up with more)
6- Implement deliberate practice once per day this week (i.e speed cubing, reading etc)
7- Read 50% of this month´s book (to catch up)

Andrew I.


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