Weekly Review #1: October 30th 2017 – November 5th 2017

Welcome to the 1st weekly review of The Great Growth!! Yesterday was the last day of Week 1. Overall I would say it was an OKAY week. In terms of my big projects:

  1. Loose 22kg (44 lbs) by October 30th 2018 (aiming to loose 2kg per month): I am now playing tennis 3 times per week and I have already lost some weight since last week (and also I am looking slimmer, especially in the face) because of this. I have lost 1.5 kg to be precise during this first week alone. As mentioned in another post, playing tennis is effortless for me because I have fun doing it, so my willpower is not really depleted at all, which means I am motivated to workout on other days as well (which has not been the case for this first week). So in terms of the first big project I would say I am on the right track. I will attempt to workout on non-tennis days as well to accelerate the process while still having a Relaxed Approach in mind.
  2. Decide career path and practice optimal job hunting using the What Color Is My Parachute book, by December 31st 2017: This first week I have not made a lot of progress on this particular project. I have a list in Evernote with 15 potential career paths/jobs that I got using the ONET website, filtering by skills and knowledge I want to use on my next job. The next move is to continue to look for more potential career paths that interest me, and then start narrowing them down until I find the top 3 that really interest me. I have to be REALLY interested in those particular career paths, to the point that I am excited to get to work in one of them.
  3. Small talk with 30 strangers while being positive and having a serving mentality the whole time, by December 31st 201: I am making steady progress on this one. I am not purposely going out and approaching strangers to engage in small talk, I am just being more positive and uplifting in general, having a serving mentality in mind and projecting this to everyone I talk about, whether I know them or not. I just need to start going out more so I can talk to more strangers and put my social skills to work, to get more comfortable with socializing.

So my Overall Success Score (OSS) will be Productive for this first week. Since I did not progress on one of my big 3 projects at all (the career one) I should give myself a Not Productive, but since it is my first week and I am just adjusting to playing tennis 3 times per week (or more, if I am playing tournaments on the weekend) I will let that slide for now. Next week I will be more strict and make sure that even though this should be an exciting journey filled with adventures and adrenaline, there should be pressure to get the important work done on a daily basis, otherwise you think you are making progress when you really are not.

I also did not have a success list prepared for this week. I will make sure I present a better weekly review next time. So I am on the right track, still not going as fast I should be going, I have not paid attention to any mini projects from the bucket list. I have to make sure I schedule big and mini projects into my calendar and follow through with it. I have to make it a habit to be super productive week after week, and most importantly remember that the fitness goal is not my only goal. In the past I would loose weight and forget about the other goals because the satisfaction from getting in shape alone would suffice. This time I will not commit that same mistake and make sure I target this life project from all angles and make sure I become a high performer in ALL aspects of my life.

So that is it for now, I will continue to loose weight with tennis plus other cardio activities, keep a positive attitude when socializing and maximizing all interactions I have by implementing several social skills, work on my career goal and get EXCITED about it instead of being insecure, as well as choosing a couple of mini projects to work on this upcoming week, to make life more fun and start gathering MOMENTUM that will make this life project of mine, the biggest and most exciting ride of my life. Lets do it!

Andrew I.


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Things to be excited about this year!

  • Tennis tournaments!

  • Trip to London, Scotland, Egypt and maybe Paris. Mid year.

  • Expanding my post-grad education, learning more and making connections!

  • Getting my 1st car, being more independent.

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