This is basically how I see myself in the near future (2-8 years from now). Some of these visions can be achieved in the short term, others in the long term. These visions are what I am aiming for with this project and what I call the BIG GOALS, along with the remaining bucket list items. These visions are the main purpose behind my project, the specific outcomes I want to achieve for each area of my life, why I am doing what I am doing, from now on whenever I refer to the ¨WHY POWER¨ I will be referring to this. This section of the website will serve as a source of motivation to remind me every day how I want my life to be in the near future. The official start date for The Great Growth is Friday 8th December 2017.


Ultimate Vision: Reach the 63 kg mark. Have a slim yet muscular physique with under 10% body fat that I can display shirtless with confidence. Be the most attractive version of myself. Have a visual presence and impact wherever I go, especially with women, and men see me as inspiration. Be super fit so I can look good in anything I wear and not stress out about what to wear. To have a flawless personal hygiene with a heavenly fresh breath and white teeth, as well as clean skin. Shower daily. I have the skills of a personal trainer to help friends who also want to become fit. To look in the mirror each morning and be thankful. To never stress because of things, always search for rational ways to get over problems and turn them into opportunities. To follow a nutritional and workout program that suits my needs perfectly and allows me to either cut, bulk or even maintain easily. To love working out, especially when walking by the mirror and loving what I see. I have a wardrobe suited to my age, with suits, shirts, pants, belts, ties, shoes as well as the usual t-shirts and hoodies I have always liked to wear. Have a professional and grown up look with a hairstyle that suits your face the most to enhance your style. Have more energy and get into social events that involve physical performance such as races, sports etc.

Ultimate Vision: To travel several times per year and enjoy every single moment I have, since the moment I start packing my bags to the moment I get back. To always look for new adventures, whether it is a “Run from Zombies 5k Race” or a trip to the Wild, always be excited about an upcoming trip to keep me motivated and in a good mood. I videotape my trips and submit my recordings to Youtube and share my experience on my blog. I have a lot of subscribers who can´t wait to hear about my latest adventure. Sometimes I travel alone, sometimes I travel with friends or family, I also like my independence. A semi-annual trip to Miami is expected as a checking-out routine.

Ultimate Vision: To be a successful entrepreneur and businessman who knows where he is going and why he is doing what he is doing. To have a high-paying job in a nice office in an area that I enjoy (in any country) and have multiple sources of income. Nobody can do my job better than me. To be an innovator and constantly find ways to increase my net worth. To be in an advanced position inside the firm and have a higher status in the working hierarchy. To maintain a good relationship with people at work and eliminate all potential negative stress and become so good at what I do that people will look up to me as a role model. To master whatever I do so it becomes easy for me to do, and to always find new ways to learn more about the job and the field in which I am working. To be able to separate work from leisure time, and keep an order always. Reward yourself from time to time by going on trips or buying luxuries. To look good with my suit and tie and inspire others to go for the same look. Dominate your job and not the other way around. Absolutely nobody can do your job better than you. Also, eventually I will own my own business, whether a side business or a full time gig, it will be my own band and will make it sure it is something that causes an impact on people´s life and businesses´ and businesses performance.

Ultimate Vision: To become financially independent and able to pay for all my expenses without any debt. To have multiple sources of income. To have enough wealth to purchase luxuries whenever I desire and without anyone’s consent. I have a Financial Plan in which I state exactly how much to save, invest and spend to maximize my net worth and to plan for retirement. To never stress over money. To have the skills of a financial adviser and know the financial field. I always have money on my wallet for impulsive buys, and there is absolutely no uncertainty to my financial planning. I feel safe, and free at the same time.

To live in my own apartment and own a nice expensive (not TOO expensive) car to show my status and good taste in cars. To perform duties adults must do independently such as; travel, pay taxes, pay bills, pay for insurance, invest capital, pay for leisure activities etc. Take responsibility for everything I do and display my power to get things done on command.

Ultimate Vision: To have a group of close friends that I can rely on as well as a network of non-close friends who I still know or have met. To have the social skills to be loved and liked by anyone who meets me regardless of their personality. To be able to maintain a friendship and cultivate new ones every time I can. To have an amazing girlfriend and/or wife who is a perfect 10 in all areas and who is extraordinary and adventurous. To be able to work through issues in the relationship and make it fun so each day I am thankful. To be super-confident when speaking to women and people in general. I say yes more times than I say no. To take opportunities to increase my happiness. To be different and by no means normal. Normal is boring. I am myself, a naturally social man who attracts people by being unusual, who has many special skills, is unique and a little mysterious. To be easy going so everyone who comes into my life even if it is for a mere second comes around liking me and wanting to get to know me better. To become someone everybody wants to have as a friend. To small talk to strangers on a daily basis with confidence and I am able to read body language. Flirting is no longer scary, but a fun game to play. To go on fun dates constantly. To get into social clubs or organizations whenever I get the chance so I can meet new people, after all we are social creatures.

Ultimate Vision: To have a rich span of knowledge in economic, business, social, sports and cultural issues. To constantly read newspapers and online news because I enjoy to keep up with the world. To have a collection of books and e-books and be constantly reading to train the brain. I have written two books at least and even had one published. To be able to initiate and maintain a conversation about contemporary subjects with practically anyone. To take a stand on each subject. To write research papers, essays and articles about contemporary subjects for intellectual or professional reasons and have at least one published for the public eye to see. I am a wiser man than I was when I graduated college and the experience I had has made me the smartest version of me.

To have special abilities that increase my value to others. For instance, learning a new language, magic tricks, becoming an expert in some subjects to talk about it, learning to repair cars, how to target specific muscles when working out etc. I have a special kit of knowledge that allows me to stand out even further and makes me more appealing and fun to be around. Basically I keep on learning new skills, whether crucial or trivial, to help me grow even more and be better every year.

To constantly be working on something related to this project. To always hold myself accountable and challenge me on a daily basis to never forget the goal behind this entire program.

To constantly do things that make me happy and get me excited and in a good mood. Whether it is to buy myself a new suit, or buy myself new sunglasses, or more equipment for the gym, or high tech for my room, or plan an adventure, or buy a book, or order something online and get all excited while I wait for it to arrive, among others. To be happy and excited about this project, and keep results and life benefits and surprises coming indefinitely.

Basically, this means how happy I am on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. It refers to my emotional state and my mental health.

The things that I possess which either enable me to perform better towards my project, help me be more efficient, make me happy, among others. For example, having a good laptop which is easy to use, does not constantly freeze, is very well built so it does not break easily, has many features etc. is important to me because I use my laptop on a daily basis to work and for leisure. I just got a 55 inch Smart TV because I really like to be entertained during the night time, whether it is using Netflix, or watching Youtube in the TV, or just watching a good movie on Cable. It is important for me to keep my room organized, as well as my home gym, since that is part of my immediate environment, and it all affects my productivity levels and happiness levels.




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  • Tennis tournaments!

  • Trip to London, Scotland, Egypt and maybe Paris. Mid year.

  • Expanding my post-grad education, learning more and making connections!

  • Getting my 1st car, being more independent.

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