Tomorrow is the big day!

I am ready to start working towards my bucket list items. Just thinking about them is making me excited. I only need to remember to prioritize my big project goals over the rest of the bucket list goals so I can start gathering daily growth habits, such as to read, write, learn, socialize etc. Just to remind you what my first big projects are:

  1. Loose 22 kg (44 lbs), by October 30th 2018 (aiming to loose about 2kg per month)
  2. Decide career path and practice optimal job hunting using the What Color Is My Parachute book, by December 31st 2017
  3. Small talk with 30 strangers while being positive and having a serving mentality the whole time, by December 31st 2017

If you go over to my Action Plan you will see what I will be doing on a daily basis in regards to this project. I will begin the day tomorrow with a morning ritual. I used to have one in the past and it worked wonders for me for 2 months, before I quit the habit for different reasons.
I will then attempt to be as productive as I can throughout the day in regards of my bucket list goals and my ultimate  visions. I must stop procrastinating and start being productive by developing good daily habits that will allow me to in time develop the Growth Habit, to always want to keep on growing and adding value to my life and to others. If at any point I feel lost, I will just check my Action Plan and my weekly schedule. If you do not schedule your weeks in advance, I highly suggest you do. If you already have a busy life, then just prioritize, get rid of what is unnecessary and leave time for what truly matters!

I am going FULL ON into this project. I am going to get into this life adventure with all my hopes up and super excited to begin living joyful experiences. I will be using my tools and apps (click here to see what apps and programs I will be using) According to my workout schedule (and my current Relaxed Approach to weight loss) tomorrow I do NOT HAVE TO workout (since I currently only need to do 3 intense cardio sessions per week), however, knowing my proactive self I will most likely end up doing something like HIIT cardio or weight lifting anyways. I just have to make sure I get 3 intense cardio sessions in (I play tennis at least 3 times per week, so this will be easily achieved) and I eat no more than 2700 calories every day. Of course, if I am not hungry I will eat less, which is what I am hoping and expecting to happen more often than not. To find out more about this particular relaxed weight loss project, click here.

Also, It will be my core mission to stay motivated and EXCITED every single day of the project, to avoid quitting. I must remember to stay PRESENT every day, meaning to be aware at all times that I am part of an exciting life journey, to make every day count. I encourage my readers to find whatever motivates them and make them want to change on a daily basis. Maybe have a list, a youtube playlist with motivational videos, whatever it takes to always be reminded of why they are doing what they are doing, and most importantly, self-discipline and life standards. To learn more about what this project is, and how progress will be tracked visit the What is The Great Growth tab.

So the simple goals for tomorrow are to complete my morning ritual and then make the rest of the day as productive as I can. The rest of the afternoon I will work on my website, since it will be my main platform of accountability and communication. See if I can improve it somehow.  Looking forward to my first couple of posts and progress towards my bucket list goals. I am truly excited about this project, I am excited to begin tackling items from my bucket list, start building daily good habits, and more importantly start growing in all aspects of my life so that a year from now on day 365, on October 30th 2018, I will have grown more than I ever thought possible in all aspects of my life, and come a step closer to achieving The Great Growth.

See you in the Weekly Review !

Andrew I.


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Things to be excited about this year!

  • Tennis tournaments!

  • Trip to London, Scotland, Egypt and maybe Paris. Mid year.

  • Expanding my post-grad education, learning more and making connections!

  • Getting my 1st car, being more independent.

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