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Weekly Review #1: confession time, a slow start

As you may now this project called The Great Growth started officially this Monday July 3rd 2017. The first week of the project is practically done and I have some things to mention. First of all, this first weekly review will NOT have the format explained here. This will be a brief review explaining how my first week was [...]

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Tomorrow is the big day! The adventure begins…

Tomorrow is the big day! I am ready to start working towards my bucket list items. Just thinking about them is making me excited. I only need to remember to prioritize my big project goals over the rest of the bucket list goals so I can start gathering daily growth habits, such as to read, write, learn, socialize etc. Just to [...]

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My Relaxed Approach to Weight Loss: TDEE explained

Our bodies burn an amount of calories everyday to keep us alive. This amount alone is called Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). To calculate your BMR just search BMR calculator on Google. The next step is to find out your TDEE. This is the amount of calories you burn taking into account your BMR and also the extra calories your [...]

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