Some resources that I will be using for now:

Day one app for MAC. Here I will journal whenever a day is worth journaling. I will journal an experience, a thought, idea or revelation which needs to be logged. Some pictures might be logged as well, after all a picture is worth a thousand words.

I will also use Evernote whenever learning about anything relevant to the project, to take notes and take something from the notes to implement. After all if you don´t implement the notes or use them for something they are just words.

I use an online personal kanban ( to list the activities I want to get done week after week, as well as to signal what I want or need to work on right away. In the past I used apps like Omnifocus but this way is easier and more simple. I think simplicity is essential since what I need to do is get things done.

For listening to music I have gone back to using Spotify after playing around with Apple music (on my Mac and my Android phone) for about 6 months. I think Apple Music has more variety of songs, but Spotify crashes less (on the phone) for me and I like the browse option more than Apple´s. Still Apple Music has WAY WAY more variety in its selection, I have started listening to Kpop since last year and a lot of songs are available in iTunes but not on Spotify. For now I will continue using Spotify, but might contemplate switching back to Apple Music in the near future.

I use the Reminders App which came with my MacBook from time to time. If I need to be reminded of something at a particular time of the day on a specific date, this gets the job done in its very simplistic way! If not, I will just use my calendar app (Fantastical 2).

I used iAwriter in the past for writing my blogs. I have come to realize that whenever I need to update a page or post, I will have to update it first in the app and then in the website. This seems like too much work and I do not know if it is worth it.. On the other side, it is nice to know that your writings is safe in the cloud in case for some reason your website crashes and you loose all your content (do not know if that is possible). For now I might use IAwriter for some posts, will update on this in the future.

I will also be using this website on a daily basis, this is after all the main platform of the project and how I will present myself and my progress to the world.

I also use Amazon Kindle on my phone, because its hard for me to get a hold of physical books. Also I prefer reading from my smartphone for some reason. Speaking of my smartphone I will be using it to take pictures and make videos to share in the website, or just to keep in record for any future use.

I will also be using Reeder, for news. I do not like the idea of having to go to different sites only to find out if there is something I am interested in reading. With Reeder 3 for Mac I get a look at the main titles of the articles and websites of my choosing, which saves me time. As of writing this post, I am trying to limit my TV times, especially because the news that are aired on TV here are really sad and pessimistic. Considering using Netflix (currently using the free version) and Reeder to replace TV for good.

To keep a track of my finances, I have two tools: First I have an app for Mac I downloaded called Home Budget App. It was made to keep track of your income and expenses, as well as show the balances on your different bank accounts. This helps me to know where my money is. Second, I have an Excel sheet I created in which I simply projected my current income and expected expenses for the next 10 years. This is to get an idea of how much net worth I will have on each ear in case I want to plan for a big upcoming expense (i.e a trip).

Finally, after playing for a while with Devonthink Pro Office (the free version) I realized my Mac Finder does exactly what I need. I just need to start sorting out all of my files, use tags wisely and learn how to optimize its use.

I am sure I will be using a lot of other resources, as soon as I remember them I will include them here, but these are the main ones for now.

I am also following some people online, for motivational and learning purposes:

Asian Efficiency

Project Life Mastery

Bucket List Journey

Basic Growth

Science of People

Marie Forleo

Brendon Burchard´s youtube channel

YouAreCreators´youtube channel

This page is subject to being updated in the near future.

Andrew I.


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