What am I happy about? Why? What am i excited about? Proud of? What am I enjoying the most? What am I committed to right now? How and Why am i committed? Who I love, do they love me back? WHAT IS MY INTENTION FOR TODAY? How will I work with obsession? How can I add even more value and help even more people? WHY AM I HERE?
How am I going to live today in order to create a tomorrow I’m Committed to?What possible obstacles will I have today and how will I deal with them?
To build a particular and potent set of skills that will allow me to excel at something and become really good at the rest in order to create an impact in the lives of people I meet or care for, as well as in businesses I work for or own, in order to maximize my time on earth and become the happiest one can be while leaving a solid legacy behind.

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Things to be excited about this year!

  • Tennis tournaments!

  • Trip to London, Scotland, Egypt and maybe Paris. Mid year.

  • Expanding my post-grad education, learning more and making connections!

  • Getting my 1st car, being more independent.

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