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In case you do not know by now, I have 3 big objectives with this personal life project of mine:

1- Achieve my Ultimate Visions

2- Develop the Growth Habit

3- Achieve all the items in my bucket list

I would say the most important of the 3, at least now that I am starting out, is the 2nd one, developing the growth habit. This means developing a certain hunger and thirst for constant personal growth. To WANT to improve on a daily and weekly basis. To always add value to your life so that not a single day goes to waste. Even if it is a lazy Sunday and all you do is watch a TV series marathon, as long as you are doing that with a purpose (say, to check out of your very busy and productive week and relax for a day to recharge your batteries for the next week) and it is adding value to you and your goal hunting journey, then I say go for it. Those 3 things mentioned above are long term, as I am starting out I will pay special attention to my physical, career and social goals (as reflected in the bucket list items).

The 3 objectives mentioned above are also all dependent on each other. For example, in order for me to achieve my ultimate visions, I have to develop healthy productive daily habits which will be based on my bucket list goals for each deadline.

If you want to know what I will be doing on a daily basis in regards to this project, click here.

The bucket list is there to make thing project more adventurous, more exciting. I have set strict deadlines for my bucket list items, so I have something to look forward to week after week.

This is it for now, my purpose in sharing my progress with you and this website is twofold: first I want to keep myself accountable by sharing my goals and progress with others who are on the same path of self discovery and life goal achievement. Second, I want to inspire others to embark in their own journeys, whether with a bucket list or just goal setting, but make it happen and share your progress with me so we can keep each other accountable.

I invite you to check out the rest of the website, find out as much as you can about my life project, and welcome, to The Great Growth.

Andrew I.


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Things to be excited about this year!

  • Tennis tournaments!

  • Trip to London, Scotland, Egypt and maybe Paris. Mid year.

  • Expanding my post-grad education, learning more and making connections!

  • Getting my 1st car, being more independent.

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