As you should know by now I have 2 purposes with this life project:

  1. To complete all of my bucket list goals and live an adventurous and exciting life
  2. …so that I can become the person I describe in my Ultimate Visions

Some goals inside the bucket list will have more importance and urgency than others  (i.e finding a job vs learning how to bake a cake!), depending on where your at starting out. This is why while working on my bucket list items I will also set big projects (no more than 7 at time) that will range from 3-12 months and will have priority day by day. These will be the goals that will advance your life the most and will make the biggest change in your lifestyle (these will definitely include my fitness, social and career areas). These are VIP goals. In order for a goal to classify as a Big Project, ALL of the following rules must apply:

  1. It must be bounded by a specific deadline (as opposed to the bucket list items, which are only approximate dates of completion and are not mandatory)
  2. It must be of my particular interest
  3. It must take at least 3 months to complete (starting 2018)

The rest of my bucket list goals which do not take the form of a project will take the form of a MINI PROJECT. In fact, most of my bucket list items WILL take the form of a Mini Project. For these Mini Projects, only 2 rules must apply:

  1.  It must be bounded by a specific deadline
  2. It must be of my particular interest
  3. It should take less than 3 months to complete

So my bucket list will be comprised of Big Project goals and Mini Project goals. The Mini Projects are important as well, and maybe even more exciting, except the big projects have more urgency at the present time and will impact your life the most. This is why those particular goals should be targeted every week, and maybe even every day, during my most productive time, and only then will I work on the Mini Projects, unless I say otherwise for whatever reasons. I will keep this into account when scheduling my weeks on Sundays.

Some examples of Big Projects are: getting in shape, finding a job, improving your social skills, writing a book, completing a class with flying colors, develop a good-looking website full of rich content and start getting readers on a weekly basis, get your Masters Degree, saving up for a trip which is coming up (the actual trip would be a Mini Project), learn to solve a Rubik´s Cube in under 30 seconds, create and have a successful online course, learn a new language, etc. As you can see these goals usually take at least 3 months to achieve.

Some examples of Mini Projects are: travel to Disneyland with your nephew, watch 1 horror movie per day during this next week (right before Halloween!), learn to make brownies, read a book and implement one thing this week, do a NO TV challenge this week, have an offer mentality and put others first during this next week as an experiment, do ONE thing you are scared to do, sleep in on Saturday and sleep 12 hours total to see what that is like, etc. As you can see these goals last usually less than  3 months, some of them last less than 2 weeks, and some of them last less than a day (i.e travel first class, get an expensive haircut, attend a rock concert) but are exciting to work on and also might even add value to your life. Remember, the purpose of this is to get excited about life every single day.

My current big projects (as of Monday October 30th 2017) are:

  1. Loose 22 kg (44 lbs), by October 30th 2018 (aiming to loose 2kg per month)
  2. Decide career path and practice optimal job hunting using the What Color Is My Parachute book, by December 31st 2017
  3. Small talk with 30 strangers while being positive and having a serving mentality the whole time, by December 31st 2017

These particular big project goals will have priority day by day and must be worked and progressed on every week. The rest of the time I will work towards my other  bucket list goals (which are just as important, except these ones are more urgent or more interesting to me at the time), and surround myself with as much exciting activities and events as possible.


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Things to be excited about this year!

  • Tennis tournaments!

  • Trip to London, Scotland, Egypt and maybe Paris. Mid year.

  • Expanding my post-grad education, learning more and making connections!

  • Getting my 1st car, being more independent.

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