Tomorrow is the big day!

We have officially passed the first half of this year 2017, and tomorrow Monday 26th June 2017 I will begin my life project and my first 12 week challenge. This life project called The Great Growth was inspired by many sources, including Project Life Mastery by Stefan Pylarinos, Gary Blair´s 100 day challenge, Michael Hyatt, Brendon Burchard etc. Basically I will be carrying out three 12 week challenges throughout the year (and upcoming years), and the objective is to achieve the goals I set for these periods, which are scaled down versions of my yearly and long term goals (ultimate visions). Besides these 12 week goals, I also have a bucket list which is more long term, and which main purpose is to keep me excited about the future.

If you go over to my Action Plan you will see what I will be doing on a daily basis in regards to this project. You can also check the Resources I will be using here. I will begin the day tomorrow with a morning ritual. I used to have one in the past and it worked wonders for me for 2 months, before I quit the habit for different reasons.
I will then attempt to be as productive as I can throughout the day in regards of the first 12 week goals. My motivation to be productive will be the weekly reviews, in which I state how successful and productive I was each week by providing a list with weekly achievements. If at any point I feel lost, I will just check my Action Plan and the daily template included.

I will attempt to start gathering daily growth habits, such as to read, write, learn, socialize etc. For now, I will use a minimalist approach to this project, I will ease into it. My weekly tasks for the first week will not be too many. I will have coffee first thing in the morning, have a small breakfast after 10 AM, then Lunch at 2PM, dinner at 6PM and another small dinner before 10 PM. According to my workout schedule, tomorrow I will be doing HIIT cardio in the morning, and workout my Chest and Shoulders in the afternoon. To find out more about my nutritional and workout plan click here. Remember I will be playing tennis twice per week (and up to 3-4 times if I am playing in a tournament, which I am starting this next Saturday!).

The idea here is to start developing habits, even if only little steps are taken so that compounded over a longer period of time, the Growth Habit will become natural. What I want from the first couple of days is to be excited about this, and make this the most important thing in my life, my main passion. The idea is to know WHY I am doing this, which is why the ultimate visions section is so important. Knowing the why behind my goals and daily tasks will help carry me through every day, no matter how hard it may get at first to develop healthy keystone habits. Also, It will be my core mission to stay motivated and EXCITED every single day of the project, to avoid quitting. I have realized that I get motivated to work on my goals and embrace change, whenever I go out and am exposed to people, because that way I am reminded of what I am missing, what conversations, friendships, experiences etc. I am not living because of my lack of efforts.

I encourage my readers to find whatever motivated them and make them want to change on a daily basis. Maybe have a list, a youtube playlist with motivational videos, whatever it takes to always be reminded of why they are doing what they are doing, and most importantly, self-discipline and life standards. To learn more about what this project is, and how progress will be tracked visit the What is The Great Growth tab.

So the simple goals for tomorrow are to complete my morning ritual (which as you may have noticed targets some of my main goals) and then make the rest of the day as productive as I can. The rest of the afternoon I will work on my website, since it will be my main platform of accountability and communication. See if I can improve it somehow. Head over to the Action Plan to know exactly what I will be doing.

Looking forward to my first couple of posts and progress towards my weekly goals. I am truly excited about this project, I am excited to begin tackling items from my bucket list as well, start building daily good habits, and more importantly start growing in all aspects of my life so that a year from now on day 365, on June 19th 2018, I will have grown more than I ever thought possible in all aspects of my life, and come a step closer to achieving The Great Growth.

Here is a list of all the 14 weekly tasks I have set for myself for Week 1 (in my Excel sheet). This is the only time in which I will be posting the tasks before the week starts. Afterwards I will post them on my weekly reviews:

  1. Do the morning ritual (everyday)
  2. Decide on my goal system, 12 week vs a bucket list deadline system
  3. Finish updating and improving the website existing content
  4. Apply 2 of your life standards in situations in which it really matters
  5. Organize your room and immediate possessions using the Marie Kondo book
  6. Follow through with your workout and nutritional plan perfectly
  7. Brush teeth after every meal and shower once per day
  8. Read 10% of What Color Is Your Parachute
  9. Begin preparing Job Interview answer scripts, purpose statements, go-to answers, begin rehearsing and doing simulations etc.
  10. Re-learn all 7 2look OLL for speed solving
  11. Talk to one stranger about anything
  12. Keep finances updated (both the app and financial plan on excel)
  13. Plan for one BIG spending in the near future (i.e car, apartment), does not need to be perfect, is only a rough draft

The above list is for Week 1, June 26th – July 2nd 2017.

See you in the Weekly Review !

Andrew I.


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Things to be excited about this year!

  • Tennis tournaments!

  • Trip to London, Scotland, Egypt and maybe Paris. Mid year.

  • Expanding my post-grad education, learning more and making connections!

  • Getting my 1st car, being more independent.

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