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How to prevent binging: keep momentum going for weight loss

How to keep momentum going: stop binging - The Great Growth To me weight loss comes down to two factors, working out and eating less. Keep in mind a lot of health related posts will tell you to eat healthier food and avoid sugary snacks at all costs, well here is a disclaimer, I use IIFYM (If It Fits [...]

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An optimal way of learning life skills and achieving mastery in any area

INTRO PLUS EXPLAINING THE CONCEPT The purpose of this life project is to become that person who you may or may not know, who just seems to get everything right. Lets say you have a friend called David, and he just seems to excel at whatever he does. He gets good grades, he beats his friends at different video [...]

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Going from introvert to ambivert: why I will not be smiling so much anymore

Since I started The Great Growth over a month ago, one of my main goals has been to improve my social skills and be more outgoing, since this would allow me to build relationships and make friends, as well as being better at networking for job hunting and business opportunities, and many other things. In one of the first [...]

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Social skills: the #1 skill I will be using the next 70 days

The idea of socializing may be scary to a lot of people, myself included. Take the pic above as an example, until now I still feel jittery about the idea of attending a networking event, talking to people who may be more successful than me and fear not having anything to show, especially when you have felt rejection in [...]