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Before starting the project, a quick confession

Before actually starting this life project, I have a confession to make to my readers. About 5 months ago I started a smaller version of my life project in which I also worked on goals but on a 100 day basis. I had a good run for a month or two but noticed I was not being productive and [...]

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Weekly Review #2

This second week was also a slow one, but at least it was better than the first one. I played tennis 3 times this week, and on other days I ate to maintenance. Have already started seeing some minimal results in the mirror. I also won my tennis match today (I'm in a tournament at the moment, already made [...]

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Social skills: the 2 main social skills I will be using this next year

The idea of socializing may be scary to a lot of people, myself included. Take the pic above as an example, until now I still feel jittery about the idea of attending a networking event, talking to people who may be more successful than me and fear not having anything to show, especially when you have felt rejection in [...]

Weekly Review #1

Weekly Review #1: October 30th 2017 - November 5th 2017 Welcome to the 1st weekly review of The Great Growth!! Yesterday was the last day of Week 1. Overall I would say it was an OKAY week. In terms of my big projects: Loose 22kg (44 lbs) by October 30th 2018 (aiming to loose 2kg per month): I am now [...]

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