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My Morning Ritual: why should you have one?

My morning ritual goes as follows: asfasf sfas asfasf The first step is... For many years I thought that I could begin to accomplish my life goals while still being the same person I was back in college. All of the character traits, life expectations, philosophies towards life and productivity, all the same except in an older body with [...]

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Using the Power of Happiness to our advantage, start today!

About 2 years ago I discovered a website called Creativelive.com and inside that website I discovered an online course called The Power of Happiness. Creative Live is packed with online courses on topics such as: photography, life and happiness, business, social interactions etc. Keep in mind that it can get pricey, the courses I considered ranged between $100 and $200. [...]

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Developing mini habits: How to change your life forever!

A couple of years ago I signed up for a UDEMY class called Mini Habits Mastery by author Stephen Guise. Udemy is a website where people from all over the world can take or instruct classes of a variety of subjects: from starting a business to personal development, from how to make a website to how to sell Amazon Kindle [...]

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Social skills: the 2 main social skills I will be using this next year

The idea of socializing may be scary to a lot of people, myself included. Take the pic above as an example, until now I still feel jittery about the idea of attending a networking event, talking to people who may be more successful than me and fear not having anything to show, especially when you have felt rejection in [...]