Before actually starting this life project, I have a confession to make to my readers.

About 5 months ago I started a smaller version of my life project in which I also worked on goals but on a 100 day basis. I had a good run for a month or two but noticed I was not being productive and making progress on a weekly basis, at least not on the social and career departments. I lost track and decided to call it off. Right after that I went to Europe with my parents (my first time going there) and did not get back to the project until now.

As mentioned, in the past  I was struggling to meet my social and career  weekly goals (which now that I think about it were not demanding enough), and eventually I slowly started to fail on the fitness area as well which was the only thing keeping the whole program together. A couple of months later I am here and I am officially restarting this life project called THE GREAT GROWTH on a much bigger scale, on Monday 18th September 2017. Take special notice of some changes that I will be integrating this time:

  1. Earlier in the year I wanted to set 100 day goals. Then I changed my mind and decided to have 12 week (84 days) goals instead for more urgency. It is a shorter period and it works out better for me since the Excel sheet I use to track my progress has a weekly format, however it only focused on a couple of goals which made sense at the time, but now I want to give priority to those goals while also working on others. Finally, I have decided to use weekly tasks based on my bucket list deadlines. The shorter period of time of 1 week gives me a higher sense of urgency. Click here to check out the template of the weekly tasks.
  2. Earlier in the year I also decided to stop doing cardio everyday because it was making my legs and knees sore. I have decided to give this another try, so I have more to lose if I begin deviating from my nutrition plan and wanting to eat junk food (aka sugary snacks). Especially because I have put on a few pounds so I want to start getting my body used to working out intensely everyday, yet again, like in the good ol´ days. I honestly believe I can do it, after all I am only 26 years old. I will be careful and stop if I sense a possible injury coming up. I will be doing a mixture of HIIT cardio and Tennis throughout the week, accompanied by weight lifting 3x per week. Click here for the current nutritional and workout plan I am following. It is vey simple. Well sort of.
  3. I did not consider uploading video blogs of myself in the past (for example to Youtube) because I did not feel I had much to say that was not already written in my blogs. I have decided to start video blogging and uploading to this website every 2 weeks (or every week if I have something interesting to say). This will help me to step out of my comfort zone and improve my on-camera skills.
  4. Earlier in the year I wanted to set the goal of reading one book per week and look for practical knowledge only. I realized this was too much and then decided to read one book per month. I have decided that both extremes do no good, so I will read books for practical knowledge but I will not set a minimum requirement or deadline. I will go through my kindle self-help books as fast as I can without sacrificing retention, but focusing on practical content solely. Read for action basically and not necessarily read books cover to cover, speed read or read only what is necessary if that is the case. Still I might run into books that are harder to read (i.e the vulnerability books by Brene Brown) but still a good read, and which of course will take longer to read. This is why I will no longer have a weekly or monthly goal for books read, but will continue to read them and talk about them in here, as well as implement them and provide feedback on my results.
  5. Earlier in the year I also said I would stop being all smiley when in out in public. I tried being more positive and talkative with people to earn their approval but I realize that was not really me. Even if I am in need of friends I am the type of guy who only smiles when he has a reason to smile, but who is still polite and respectful around people. That does not mean that I will look angry all the time or anything like that. To avoid thinking about this too much, all you need to remember is my life Standard #5, which is to Put Yourself First. Even if this means smiling less because you are not feeling like smiling, and avoid being all happy-go-lucky and showing interest only because some stranger is talking to me and I feel like I owe him/her my full attention. By only thinking to put myself first at all times, all answers will be revealed. This does not mean to screw everyone else and only care for numero uno. This only means to put myself first as long as I still give back to the community. After all, how do you expect others to love you if you do not love or respect yourself?

This is it for now. I want to emphasize that I will take all 3 main aspects of my life with equal importance (fitness, social and career). In the past my mistake was being successful in the fitness department and letting other areas fall back because the progress I made in my health and fitness was and felt good enough. Looking good is no good if you do not have a social life and a career to help complement your life, if health and fitness is all you have you are not taking full advantage of life. This is why I will be equally strict with all 3 areas (mainly the physical and career one while I’m starting out). This will be reflected in my weekly reviews´ score, I will be more strict.

I am back again, hopefully this time for good. If you have read my posts, you will know I use a 5 minute approach to working out, meaning I only workout for 5 minutes only, and if after that I want to continue I can (most of the times I continue and do some more, unless I am truly tired or injured, it is more of a mental struggle to get started which gets the most of us). If you want to know exactly what I will be doing on a daily basis, click here.

I will see you all in my weekly review,

Andrew I.

My current stats before re-starting this life project:

Height: 5ft7
Weight: 83kg (170 lbs)
Waist measurement: 97 cm       Hips measurement: 103 cm    Approx. Body Fat %: Around 18%


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  • Tennis tournaments!

  • Trip to London, Scotland, Egypt and maybe Paris. Mid year.

  • Expanding my post-grad education, learning more and making connections!

  • Getting my 1st car, being more independent.

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