The Action Plan

Every week I will set weekly goals that I will work on on a daily basis Click here for the weekly tasks excel template. The main areas of my life (physical, career and social) will have priority when setting these tasks. Now, getting into the actual strategies I will be using to start out. This is exactly what I will be doing on a daily basis in a repetitive manner:

– Physical/Fitness: I will be doing Intermittent Fasting, meaning I will not eat anything until lunch (1:30PM). I will go all afternoon without eating and then have  a small dinner at 6PM, and then another small dinner or snack before 10PM (or if I’m not that hungry by 6PM then wait longer and have a bigger meal later at night. To check out my nutritional and workout plan click here. I will not eat sugary snacks (i.e cookies and other simple treats). I am allowed to eat fine dessert from time to time (such as ice cream or cake, since I do not tend to eat them so often so I am less likely to overdo them) but in a low amount. I will only have one glass of soda per day (most likely orange soda, my favorite). Other than that, water and lemonade for lunch. Also I will go easy on the bread, if I can replace it with something else (such as eggs) it would be better. I will use the 5 minute approach to working out, meaning that I am only required to workout for 5 whole minutes and after that if I want to call quits I can. As already explained in other posts, this takes the pressure away from getting dressed and started with the workout, which is the hardest step for most people who are struggling to workout. I am hoping in time I will be more inclined to complete the workouts than to only do 5 minutes. If after the 5 minutes are over I still can do more, I will do, that is the point. Also I will be playing tennis twice per week, and when I am playing in tournaments, I might play up to 4 times total per week, so a faster weight loss happens.

– Social: I do believe that the best way to get better at socializing is to go out there and actually socialize. Having said that, I believe that one can still learn a thing or two about social interactions that could turn out to be helpful, such as common social etiquette. Me personally, I am planning on reading some material I have downloaded over the years which talks about the subject. Some of it is material directly targeted towards talking to women (or what some people in the dating world would call PUA, a term I discovered back when I went to college in the USA in 2011), while the rest is just about how to have really good interactions in general. Also there is a lot of information online about the subject, so I am hoping to learn about it, and also choose some things and/or skills to implement weekly. My goal in this sector is to start small talking with people, not necessarily for any other purpose other than the fact of loosing fear of talking to people, and getting better at socializing. Also I will do whatever is in my power to get a car this year, or drive my mom´s car to lose my driver anxiety and get out of the house more, which I desperately need starting this life project. I will also get into classes (related to my career or non-related) to learn a thing or two and/or to meet people. It is harder to make long-lasting friends at the age of 26, but it is not impossible. The key is to get out more and be more approachable.

Professional: I majored in Economics, have taken post-grad courses in Finances, and I am currently working in the Operations department in a Maritime Agency here in Peru. Although my ultimate goal is to own my own business, I would like to work in the corporate world for a while to acquire some independence and hard-working skills. I am applying to different fields of work, since I just want to start working, regardless of where that would take place. I am reading the book called What Color Is Your Parachute which I am hoping will help me get a better idea of what job I want to apply to, to optimize my job hunting. For the meantime until I get a job, I will be re-studying some of my relevant college text-books, papers, homework, exams etc. To re-learn some of the basic stuff that is relevant to my career sector. I will do this to keep my brain busy and maybe get a better picture of what career interests me the most. Apart from this, I will also be learning more about the contemporary world, stay updated with the important news, what is going on and how it affects the career I want to work on. I will be looking at online articles, news sites, blogs etc to keep on learning about anything that could come up in a job interview, or just when chatting with people. The purpose here is to achieve Great Growth, meaning to keep growing my intellect as well and spending my knowledge in the things that matter.

FINANCIAL/INDEPENDENCE: I have a Mac App I use called Home Budget which helps me keep track of my income and expenses. I also have a Financial Planning tool on Excel (still in the making) in which I can plan for future bigger expenses, such as traveling, getting my own apartment, starting my own business etc. This goes hand in hand with the independence goal, since I can only be independent by getting finances to sustain myself. I will create rules and limits so I don´t spend too much on a monthly basis based on these long term goals. I will project my finances into the future to make an effort at planning ahead for these expected expenses so I can start saving up from now and know exactly how much I am allowed to spend on a monthly basis.

OTHERS: I will be implementing a morning ritual. I also tried this before, I did it for an entire month last year starting as early as 7-8AM, and it was the most productive I felt during the morning, ever. I stopped doing it because I changed my whole routine a bit, also got into other commitments that took out some of my time. For me, my morning ritual will be as follows:

1- Hit the bathroom to wash my face, drink water, make my bed
2- Do a stretch in my home gym
3- Workout (whether cardio, or weight lifting) then shower
4- Make coffee, go through daily plan (using my excel weekly schedule), gratitude list, motivational list (a list of things that motivate me to improve) and answer my powerful questions.
5- Work on something directly related to the project and/or the weekly tasks for 1-2 hours

I will now provide a typical day template:

7AM-11AM : Morning Ritual, described above (includes working out, planing the day etc)
11AM-1PM : Up to me (i.e video blogging, work on this website,  work on my bucket list or just relax)
1:30PM : Lunch time (first meal of the day)
Remember to keep proper hygiene at all times (shower after working out, brush teeth after every meal and coffee, start taking care of your skin, etc).
2-5PM : Keep working on my life project. Also spend at least one hour doing self-help research (reading a book or online research) and learn and implement in your life whenever possible.
5-6PM : Workout for the 2nd time in the day. For my workout plan click here.
6-7pm : Have your first small dinner
8-10PM : Have your second dinner. Write in Day One journal app about daily progress, what you did right and what you will do differently the next day. Not necessary to do this every day, only when worth journaling.

Remember to stay focused on the project at all times. Whether you are about to go to bed or you just woke up, whether you are in the bathroom getting busy, or in queue at the grocery store, or at the mall, you will always remember the life changing journey you are on, the adventure you are a part of. Remember to keep a serious and focused face as well, no more Mr nice guy. You are polite and fun to be around but there is no need to be smiling all the time, you should be in the zone at all times.

The Morning Ritual, along with the Life Standards and Proper Hygiene must be repeated every single day without a miss.
I will go to bed by 11PM (although in time I will push this earlier to around 10PM) and repeat the whole thing the next day unless I spend the entire day outside the house and am busy doing something else.

This page is subject to being updated in the near future.

Andrew I.


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